There are many, many places where you can find medical information, especially on the internet. We have given you some reliable places to look for information, as well as some information we think is really good.

Advance Care Planning
Advance Care Planning Workbook
Al-Anon & Alateen
Alcohol & Drug – Healthlink BC
Alcoholics Anonymous
Allergies – Healthlink BC
Allergies – Mayo Clinic
Alzheimer Society of BC
Anxiety BC
Anxiety Canada
Asthma in Teens & Adults
Asthma Society
Asthma – KidsHealth
Babies 0-12 Months
Baby’s Best Chance
BC Cancer Agency
BC Immunization Schedule
BC Psychologists Association
Birthdocs – BCWH
Breast Cancer – Breast Reconstruction
Breastfeeding Clinic – Vancouver Breastfeeding Centre
Breastfeeding – BCWH
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Diabetes Association
Cancer Prevention – BCCA
Cancer Screening – BCCA
Car Seat Guide – ICBC
Car Seat Safety
Car Seats – Consumer Reports
Caring for Kids
Child Health Passport
Child Safety - BCCH
Colon Cancer Screening
Concussion Management Toolkit
Concussion: Understanding Symptoms & Recovery
Counselling BC
COVID Vaccine Registration - Updated.pdf
COVID19 Vaccination Update Jan 4 2021.pdf
Crisis Centre
Dental Care for Children
Dental Care – Healthlink BC
Doxy Guide for Patients.pdf
Dr. Mike Evans - Rethink the Way We Drink
Dr. Mike Evans - What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do for your Health?
Dr. Mike Evans Whiteboard Videos on Exercise
Dr. Mike Evans – Benefits of Exercise
Dr. Mike Evans – Happiness
Dr. Mike Evans – Healthy Eating
Dr. Mike Evans – Quit Smoking
Dr. Mike Evans – Stress
Eating Disorder Information Centre
Falls & Injury Prevention Program
Find a Physiotherapist in BC
Find a Counselor in BC
Find a Massage Therapist in BC
Go Smoke Free - Health Canada
HandyDART Card Application Form.pdf
Healthy Eating BC – Healthy Families
Healthy Heart Calculator
Healthy Lifestyles - including free ABC goal setting for physical activity program
High Blood Pressure
Is It Time To Stop Driving?
Kegel Exercises
Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
Kids Allergies – Kidshealth
Kids Help Phone
Lab Results Online
Mammogram - BCCA
Menopause and U
Menopause – Healthlink BC
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
Mindhealth BC
Narcotics Anonymous
Pap Test Screening
PAP Test – Understanding Abnormal Results
PHQ9 & GAD7 Combined.pdf
Physical Activity Guide
Pregnancy & Parenting – Healthy Families BC
Pregnancy Passport
Pregnancy Vancouver
Pregnancy – Fit 4 Two
Pregnancy – Food Safety – CDC
Prenatal Classes – Pregnancy Vancouver
Prenatal Genetic Services
Quit Smoking
Seniors BC
SIDS – A Parent’s Guide To Safe Sleep
Suicide Prevention
Testicular Health
Travel Clinic – VCH
Travel Medicine – CDC
Unlock Food - Dieticians of Canada
Vancouver Breast Feeding Clinic
VCH – Mental Health & Substance Use Services
Zoom Guide for Patients.pdf