By | October 05th, 2020 | Comments Off on Flu season


As you are all aware, this year it is even more important to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from getting influenza.  In order to make sure that we are able to keep safe physical distancing in the clinic we will NOT be doing our usual “drop in for flu a vaccine”.

This year we are going to have specific flu vaccine clinics on Friday afternoons starting on FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER. Please go to our website to make your appointment for FLU CLINIC 1.  Or you can call the office at (604) 8740261, although please be ready to wait as the phone lines are busy with the increased call volume due to the pandemic.

A few important notes:

  • Everyone can get a flu vaccine covered by their MSP this year.
  • If you are a Senior and would like a high dose flu vaccine please go to your pharmacy. It is not covered by MSP and usually costs $75.00. Some extended health plans may cover it. We will have regular flu vaccine for you at the clinic.
  • Please make an appointment for each member of your family to give us adequate time to administer the vaccine and prevent crowding in the clinic.
  • If there are family members who are not our regular patients and would like a flu vaccine with you, we will be able to give those vaccines too. Please bring their MSP card and book a separate appointment for them.
  • We will have a limited amount of nasal vaccine for children.
  • If you already have an in person appointment for another reason, you can get your flu vaccine at the same time.
  • Please do not bring other family members to your in-person appointment for their flu vaccines – we will not be able to fit that in.
  • If you have a chronic medical condition that also requires a pneumococcal vaccine, please book a regular in person office visit.