Our Clinic

We are your Medical Home

At 8th Ave Family & Maternity we care for you and your family. We are the medical home that supports you over the years and through the various parts of the health care system ensuring that you experience the highest quality care. We practice the 4 principles of family medicine: first-contact for care, continuity of care, comprehensive care, and coordination of care. We value holistic person-centered care where all aspects of health are taken into account and you play an active role in your own health.

We look after single people and families of all varieties. Our youngest patients are just minutes old; our eldest patients are over 100 years old. For many years we have specialized in maternity care (never forgetting the important aspect of general family care).

We are committed to being available when you need it. We personally provide after-hours on-call emergency advice for our patients, and same-day emergency appointments.

We are lifelong teachers and learners. Our practice is a teaching site for UBC Family Medicine residents and medical students, as well as clinical trainees and nurse practitioners. These young doctors and students benefit and leaner by helping to care for you, our patients. You benefit from their enthusiasm, extra time, and up to date knowledge. We appreciate your help in training the next generation of family doctors who will be looking after you in the future.

Drs. Karen Buhler and Elaine Wynne started our clinic in 1985 in Leg-in-Boot Square, False Creek. Later they were joined Drs. Adrianne Ross and Nardia Strydom. Since then we have have continued to grow and change and we moved up the hill to our clinic at 888 West 8th. Our current group of dedicated doctors are: Drs. Nardia Strydom, Jelena Plavsic, Elise Balaisis, Laura Connolly, Moira de Valence, Sarah Tranquilli-Doherty and Rachel Vogler.  We are proud that each one brings their unique passion, commitment  skills and expertise to this practice.